Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stalling tactics

If David Stern is to be believed, D-day is fast approaching. It is in fact just 24 hours away from this post. If this was Hollywood, as Henry Abbott has hinted at, then the players would either accept (roll credits) or decline (roll credits plus teaser for next season) the offer on the table.

As much as some of the players think it is, this is not Hollywood. This is real life. The players should get back in whatever room in the Waldorf Astoria (the true winners of the lockout) and start negotiating again. Negotiating so slowly that we get a deal, which includes all the crap that no one really cares about but that the players can exploit if need be, sometime around Friday dinner time.

Get in there and start talking, because if you don't, Stern is going to cancel the season. And don't think he won't. He will. But if negotiations are continuing, that season is still available and due to start on Christmas Day.

Anytime the talks have broken down, it's been due to bravado on someone's part. Slamming down a coffee cup and storming out because they won't accept a penny under 53% (you will), a penny above 47% (you will) or a penny below 52% (you will).

It's not definite we'll get a deal this week, but if the players are sensible, and not let any hot heads into the room, the season probably won't be cancelled and the 50/50 won't be thrown out.

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