Monday, October 31, 2011

How many days?

We're in day (fill in number here) of the NBA Lockout and it's running a fine line between being boring and fascinating. In some ways it's both boring and fascinating at the same time.

What's fascinating is that the only thing that everyone is writing, is everything you already know (bar Sam Amick's 'What's agreed' post and David Aldridge's 'Deal now!' post. Everything else is hearsay on what David Stern is saying. Only David Stern knows what he's saying and he knows how to handle the media.

What's boring is that because everything goes on behind closed doors. There is pretty much nothing to write until we get a deal. Everyone can speculate as to when that will be but no one knows (maybe Stern does).

What we do know is that the Players are losing. They have been losing from the day this started on 1 July 2011. They had 57% of BRI and whatever happens they will have less than that. They have gone from Kevin Garnett's outburst STANDing at 53% to Billy Hunter closing the book and walking out with his 52% ultimatum. After all the back and forth, they handed over 1% in a month without even thinking.

Do us all a favour and deal. Until then we'll continue to be fascinated and bored by your stubbornness.