Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The day after

Well after yesterday's hoohah, it's time to take stock.

Word on the street is that the impending non-season is a senseless waste. Virtually all the writers throughout the world have decided that there is no sympathy with either side and this whole business could have easily been avoided. The players are risking far more than they need to while David Stern pushed them just that little too far, causing the players to snap and trash their bedroom.

The legalities are far too complicated to explain but it does seem that the NBPA (NBTA?) and their actions could now yield more activity than the Stern/Hunter meetings, which were organised like two old friends who didn't really want to see each other.

There could be action before the end of the week. But don't hold your breath for a season.

How the NBA will look after all this, we don't know. The only silver lining out of this cumulonimbus is that we should never see this happen again.

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