Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Putting it to the vote

Over the last day or so, there have been rumblings amongst the players that 51%, or even the famous 50/50 split, would be enough.

Glen Davis might be the most high profile player (if you can call Big Baby 'high profile') to say this, which begs the question: when will they put it to the players to vote?

The likes of KG, Paul Pierce, Kobe, Dwyane Wade et al are holding firm, as is Billy Hunter, but despite earning the majority of the wages, they are not the majority. The other 200-odd players haven't even looked like they are getting a say and with opening night having come and gone and paydays going the same way, the bench warmers, role players and sixth men are getting antsy.

How many would take 47% let alone the 50/50 split? It seems like Fisher and Hunter are far too scared to take a straw poll in case it gets back to Stern. If it came to light that a lot just want to play, then Stern could take the BRI split down even further.

But who will stand up and ask for the vote? The players who want it have no real voice and would be bullied by the big guys to keep quiet (you wonder if Davis got a stern phonecall from Pierce today). A 7% pay cut, even if you're on $1m a year, is small potatoes, especially in the economic climate we now find ourselves in.

If Big Baby is speaking out for the little man, then we won't see a vote any time soon. However if he can get a Dirk, Ray Allen or Steve Nash on his side, it might just mean something.

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