Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Without wanting to tempt fate, what with the new CBA still to be signed, here are some predictions for this season. Bear in mind that my knowledge comes from reading and watching things during this recent off season, playing NBA2K11 and the Michael Jordan era. Yes, it's an amateur talking.

1. The Heat will win the title, and in style: Dwyane, LeBron and Chris will be going hell for leather this season and if they can get a new point guard or centre, then they will do it in style. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw one of the best records ever. They have a point to prove.

2. The Thunder will get to the Finals: Durant and Westbrook are two of the league's best players and James Harden is looking pretty good too. When it comes to the West, the other contenders are the Mavericks and the Lakers. Both might find it difficult to bring in new players or re-sign some older ones, especially if they want to get under the salary cap in a couple of years time. Dirk and Kobe aren't getting any younger, and the triple headers might take their toll.

3. Both the Clippers and the Timberwolves will make the play-offs: Griffin and the Clippers are one player away from the play-offs - maybe they'll get that player in the upcoming free agency period (Go on Nene, you know you want to live in LA). The Timberwolves are more of an outside bet. Love is a superstar in the making, Beasley is great on his day and I hear Derrick Williams is THE rookie this year. And if their little Spaniard works his magic, you've got a good team.

4. LeBron will win MVP: And Finals MVP. He is going to blow everyone out of the water this season. The real start of the legacy.

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