Monday, November 14, 2011

Gather round, children

At this moment, a group of tall well-paid men have gathered somewhere in New York City to decide whether they want to work soon.

Some of them will be well informed and some won't.

Some of them will have already made up their minds last night and some won't.

Some of them want to play basketball this year in a professional league. Correction, all of them want to play basketball in a professional league. If they don't, much like if an owner doesn't want a NBA season, then they have no business being there.

Whatever the result of today's meeting, we can only hope that each and every player rep makes an informed decision and also states clearly to each and every player the reasons for their decision. Come tomorrow, if there are any players still confused as to the deal then it will be a sad day.

We want basketball, but at this moment, the above is all we can ask for.

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