Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deal (almost) done

There is a deal. It is tentative but, as someone said, these guys wouldn't take a deal to their parties that they didn't think could be used.

So the plan seems to be to open the doors next week, pull on the jerseys on 9th December, at which time a few people could be moving around, and then start the 66-game season on Christmas Day. Whether my parents will buy ESPN for that day remains to be seen. There is undoubtedly a lot of legal thingamijigs to be done before the doors open what with calling off the legal fight, reforming the union, taking a vote etc, but we're almost there.

Also, the ins and outs of the CBA will be most likely released at the beginning of next week and then we will know which teams have the scope to trade, sign or release players.

The free agency isn't the best in the world but the most interesting area is that of Nene and the Denver Nuggets. They need some new players and have the cap space to do it, but will the big Brazilian wait to see who they have in mind before resigning in Denver? The Nuggets are now in desperate need of a power forward and it's hard to find a really decent one in the list. Shane Battier will probably stay in Memphis and it's hard to see anyone leaving the Mavericks, unless of course there's no room in the cap.

Rumours are finally allowed to be talked about, even though it didn't stop anyone before, and come the end of next week, that's all you'll here.

Happy Days.

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