Monday, November 21, 2011

No news is bad news

A week on from the Players' meeting that effectively destroyed any chances of seeing any basketball this year and perhaps most of next year, there is very little to report on.

Two things which might be of significance are a couple of players pursuing overseas work and Michael Goldberg, head of the NBA Coaches Association, speaking out.

If players like Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant really are looking to play in Europe, then this could be the kick up the arse that David Stern needs to get the talks going again. Both sides are attempting not to look weak by staying away from the phone.

The coaches have been largely forgotten in all this. Are they part of the owners or the players? It's difficult to tell. They're not allowed to talk to the players, and get fined if they do, but they are also not getting paid. Another victim of this whole mess.

Maybe a lost season wouldn't be so bad. One side would have to come back with their tails between their legs and it would hopefully mean that nothing like this will happen again. However, the problem is that if both sides resign to losing the season, we may not get any talks until the spring at the earliest.

Urgency has not been either sides strong point up until now, hence the resignation that buying NBA2k12 will be the only way to see any action this year.

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