Friday, November 11, 2011

Final furlong

This was never going to have a smiles and handshakes end.

Despite negotiations breaking off (not down) yesterday, we still have to wait for the players to vote on the deal on the table. That is of course if it is put to a vote. However, if it isn't, then Billy Hunter may as well resign right now for to go back to the negotiating table for two days and come away without a voteable deal is a sackable offence.

How will the players vote, we can't be sure. But surely the little man who wants to both play basketball and get paid outweighs the superstar who is grumbling about, in essence, losing $1m of his $15m salary. The Paul Pierces of this world can shout all they like about decertification, but that doesn't give the Chris Andersens any help. There are more guys who want to take the offer than not, so surely we'll be seeing the NBA come mid December.

Roll on Tuesday - there may not be any handshakes, but the fans will be smiling.

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